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It is no secret that choosing a diamond ring can be a little intimidating. Not only is it one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make, but it also has to be perfect for your loved one. So it goes without saying that it is a smart decision to take some time and learn what factors into each diamond’s quality and diamond buying process as a whole.

For these reasons, I wanted to offer this website as a free resource that guys and gals can come to during their process of shopping for a diamond ring. My name is Michael Wooten, and my goal is to be your diamond buying Sherpa. I hope you find this information helpful to guide you through the sometimes confusing journey of purchasing that perfect diamond ring.


Fully Understanding the 4C’s 

Firstly, I recommend learning the four characteristics that are used to grade a diamond’s quality. When fully understanding these factors, I recommend taking the time to determine which of these factors are more important to you, and which characteristics are not quite as important in the diamond you purchase. These 4 C’s are the most commonly used characteristics that determine a diamonds quality and therefore price – they are: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the features that can separate a $2,000 diamond from a $10,000 diamond. I will briefly outline these 4 features below, however for a more detailed breakdown of each, check out my Essential guide to the 4C’s 

Diamond Cut 

Out of the 4C’s, the Cut of a diamond is possibly the most important to consider when choosing a diamond. This is due to the specific Cut having the most pronounced effect on a diamond’s beauty. The cut determines the exact shape and positioning of the diamonds facets – which is what gives a diamond that sparkling brilliance. 

Diamond Color 

Each diamond is rated on a color spectrum scale that ranges from a letter “D” (colorless) white diamonds to a letter “Z” rated diamonds. “D” rated diamonds are the rarest therefore are more expensive. Diamonds below a J rating will begin to show a hint of yellow. An “eye-clean” diamond is a good choice, as the majority of individuals cannot notice any discoloration in this stone.

Diamond Clarity 

Any flaws in a diamond whether from naturally formed minerals to laser marks determine the diamond Clarity. The presence of these flaws are called Inclusions or Blemishes. These imperfections are also measured on an industry-standard scale.

Diamond Carat 

The “carat” determines the diamond weight – One carat equals 0.20 grams. This is the most objective measure in the 4C’s. And once you decide how much you are willing to spend on the first three, you can then determine what carat weight fits your budget. 

Choosing Diamond Shape 

Another important factor to consider when shopping is the “Shape” of the diamond you choose. The shape of the stone refers to it’s specific outline and contours – primarily when viewed from above.  

The Round Cut diamond is by far the most popular, however certain consumers prefer alternative shapes, such as cushion or princess cut diamonds. Consider each shapes unique characteristics and aesthetic value when shopping. 



Choosing the Ring Setting 

Although most consideration (and money) goes into picking the stone for the ring, the setting is what defines how the ring is presented. You can look at the ring’s setting as what showcases it’s best appearance. 

Before deciding on an exact setting, take some time to think about how the engagement ring will be worn. You have the option to buy a wedding set  – which comes with the advantage of having the engagement ring and wedding ring fit perfectly together.  Or the two can be worn on separate hands.  

When choosing the best setting, think about her personal style and her daily activities. For more detail on settings, check out my diamond settings guide. 

Where to buy your Diamond 

Finally, you must decide where to find your ideal diamond ring. There are certain benefits to a brick and mortar store, however I personally recommend purchasing a ring from an online retailer. 

The selection when shopping online is unmatched at any physical jewelry stores. And since online retailers don’t have to pay pushy sales people or a high overhead, buying a diamond online is usually much less expensive.

With a large amount of online diamond retailers, it is important to pick one that has a great reputation and fits your criteria. Keep in mind that just because you’re buying a diamond online – doesn’t mean you should lose one-on-one care. 

I highly recommend checking out James Allen – where a diamond expert can walk you through all of the attributes of the diamond you have your eye on. Another reason to love James Allen is they are the only online diamond retailer with high definition 360° videos of ALL their diamonds. You can zoom-in and see every aspect of your diamond before buying. For more information on James Allen, check out my James Allen review 

Another excellent source to buy diamonds from is Whiteflash. If you are looking for a unique setting or just want complete confidence you are getting an exceptional diamond ring, I highly recommend you take a look at Whiteflash. For a truly exceptional line of diamonds, look through the A CUT ABOVE® signature line. For a closer look, here is my Whiteflash Review

Another major player in the online diamond business is Blue Nile. In fact, they were the first company to begin selling diamonds online and still today estimate to have the largest number of diamonds online with over 100,000 of certified diamonds to choose from. 

Free Diamond Consulting 

I hope the information you find on this site is helpful in your diamond buying process. This is an exciting time in your life and you should enjoy the process. Being an informed diamond buyer is a happy diamond buyer. I hope you can look back and know you made the right purchase decision and didn’t get taken advantage of by being misinformed. 

If you have any questions on the ring buying process or would like to receive some recommendations on rings that I believe would be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best Regards,

Michael Wooten

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